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write for us


We’re Accepting Guest Post. Don’t be Late. Start Contributing the Community.


  1. It should be well researched. We don’t accept low-quality articles.
  2. Articles should be 1000+ words.
  3. Shouldn’t be a single or multiple paragraphs. You’ve to include appropriate subheadings for that.
  4. 100% Unique Content.
  5. You can’t publish the same article anywhere else.
  6. Human Readable
  7. Proper References[Will get Nofollow link]
  8. Self Promotion is not accepted. But you’ll get only one dofollow link[Mark with Green Color.]
  9. For any kind of guest post, you’ve to pay the editorial fee of 25$. Only Card Payment through Payoneer(You’ll Get 25$ Bonus from Payoneer if you sign up from here.) is accepted right now.
  10. High-Quality Images Related to the Article’s Topic. [You should have the copyright for that]
  11. Related Video [Optional]
  12. Topics- Don’t write a topic that is already posted. Try to find a new one related to health.
  13. Linking to any site which is selling or promoting any products or service have to ask for a sponsored post.

***Make Sure you’re not requesting us to link any Gambling, Dating, Adult, Porn or Illegal sites.***

You’ve to follow all of the rules above. When you’re finished with your article, email it to support@ihealthconcern.com

If you want to be a regular contributor, mention that in your mail. We’ll give you the lifetime contributor access for that.

Note: You’ve to submit one article each week for getting the contributor access. At least 3 in each month. If you failed to do that, your access will be denied.


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