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Weight Management Six Hints That Help Without Cutting Down On Food

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Sometimes you just need to get a hint about what have you been eating lately that causes weight gain. Most of the time, it involves looking at them.

weight-loss-managementThe most common advice given to a dieter is cutting down food intake, or increasing activity, or both. Easier said than done, those who initially skip meals find themselves eating a few days later to make up for the previous days that they didn’t eat much. This way, they end up gaining more weight than they should have lost. Skipping meals is not the way to go.



Weight loss does not have to become an exercise in futility

There are better methods to lose weight. Perhaps the phrase “weight management” is still more appropriate term to use. Losing weight is still possible when certain bad habits had to be replaced with good ones. Losing weight is part of a lifestyle change, and such changes should take a long time to implement, and effectively become part of a permanent healthy lifestyle change.

  1. Turn off the TV

turn-off-tvEating while watching TV makes us eat more than we should. We don’t notice the amount of food we eat while watching. Some of us are too preoccupied with whatever program is showing on TV that after watching one episode, we have several empty bags of chips strewn on the coffee table. Not the sight that would motivate you positively to lose weight. Try eating on the dining table without a TV in the same room and watch TV later without any food within arm’s reach in sight. We also lose the opportunity to engage our family or friends over a meal.

  1. Use a smaller plate.

small-plateA small plate creates the illusion that you are eating a full meal by filling it. A Half cup of rice, a thick slice of steak, reduced serving of mashed potato, steamed vegetables and you get the drift. Rather than use a big dish to fill only to eat half of it and let everything else go to waste (or eat it all which is worse), use a smaller plate. You get to consume everything without letting any food go to waste plus you get all the nutrients needed for a compact serving.

  1. Counting the nutrients, not only the calories

Too many dieters focus too much on calorie intake but not realizing later on that although certain food groups have the high-calorie count, as long as is it balanced out with a steady food intake of protein plus multivitamin supplements, rest assured that weight management is achieved. Those who keep an eye on their weight count only the calories and forget the rest of the nutrients which is just as bad

  1. Increase water intake

The most underrated weight management advice so far is increasing water intake. Not fluids but water – coffee, juice and other beverages still don’t have as many hydrating effects as that of water alone. Not everyone could even manage to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day which causes some hydration problems. It happens that some individuals drink water instead of eating whatever food is within reach and still feel satiated or full. It gives the body a fuller feeling compared to satisfying your hunger with solid food intake.

  1. Take a walk after eating.

It doesn’t have to be a treadmill or a machine that you step into minutes after eating. You don’t have to jog after breakfast or lunch. Simply walking the dog or walking a few steps around the garden or patio for 10 to 15 minutes helps in digesting food. Those who immediately sit down and rest after eating have a higher chance of increasing stomach flab that becomes more difficult to lose even with constant exercise.

  1. Never forego a good sleep

Those who don’t sleep early have a higher risk of weight increase than those who sleep early, eat right and exercise regularly. In order for all the work not to go to waste, if you can’t sleep early, at least condition your body to get at least 8 hours of sleep in a day. Even if you have embraced an active lifestyle, when you neglected the required sleeping hours that the body needed, days after the lack of sleep, your own body would give in to even slight sleepy bouts when leaning on the table or on the chair.

Weight management is crucial to a balanced health. Keeping an eye on our food intake and the simple routines to ensure food is digested well gives new meaning to the nutrients we receive from our systems by eating right. Instead of starving yourself, replace your diet with something healthier. That way, you have kick-started weight management the healthy way.

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