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Suicide Prevention Technique — How To Forgive Your Own Serious Mistakes

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The reasons why someone comes to the point of committing suicide are generally the following:

  1. Love: A big deception, adultery, and rejection
  2. Money: This is the cause of treasons, big losses, and failure
  3. Serious mistakes made by the person

The third reason is the one we are going to examine in this article because this is most commonly the reason not only why many people commit suicide but also the reason why people become hysterical, psychotic or schizophrenic.

Serious moral mistakes are the main reason for many suicide attempts because they imprison everyone in the labyrinth of craziness.

When someone kills the person he or she loves, immensely hurts him or her or when something similarly tragic happens, the person who commits the crime cannot bear their existence when they recognize how horrible and unforgivable their actions were.

The process of realizing a crime is very painful when you are a murderer or the one who injured other innocent people. You cannot forgive yourself…

However, you must forgive yourself because when you act like a monster, it is because you are dominated by your anti-conscience, which is evil and violent. Your actions are not spurred by your conscious, but by the anti-conscience that destroyed a part of your conscience to dominate you. You become only a shell without a life. The demon within you takes your place and kills those you love and destroys everything that you have built.

Therefore, you are not responsible for your actions. You do crazy things because you are dominated by your primitive conscience that is still alive as it was when it had just been formed. It has not transformed by consciousness like your conscious has. The deceptions of life have distorted its nature and the anti-conscience is gratified and pleased by terror, as a defense against despair. This is why it is extremely destructive and dangerous.

This part of your conscience has to be tamed and transformed into a component of your conscience, so that it helps you in your life, instead of trying to destroy your humanity.Suicide Prevention

However, this transformation requires guidance. You cannot fight this powerful enemy without help from the superior source. Fortunately, the wise unconscious that produces your dreams is a natural doctor that sends you messages to save you from craziness and despair. You only have to learn its symbolic language in order to understand your dreams.

This is necessary because your enemy, the anti-conscience, should not be able to interpret the messages of the unconscious, which will be counter-productive.

Start writing down your dreams and wait. In a while, you’ll understand all that you need to do to recover your life, mind, and happiness, even if you have committed a very serious crime when you were dominated by the anti-conscience.

Never think about suicide if you have made a very serious mistake because you can justify your actions: you were dominated by craziness. Accept being considered crazy and treat your mental illness, because it is real: you have no control over your actions.

Forgive yourself, because you were not the one who decided to be so horrible, but your anti-conscience was responsible for this.

You can correct even the most serious moral mistakes if you dedicate your life to helping others overcome their unbearable problems and correct their horrible mistakes. You still have the chance to completely change after finding light and wisdom, although you were lost in darkness for so long.

Everything depends on your attitude. Follow your dream guidance, and the unconscious will help you find your path and triumph. It does not matter how many mistakes you have already made or how serious they were. You can correct your behavior and you can save much more people from craziness, misery, and despair. You can be the one who learned after falling, an example to be followed.

Don’t be fooled by the misconception that those who have never made any apparent serious mistakes are better than you; they have simply never seen what exists inside them, whereas you have this knowledge.

It is not your fault if you have inherited a wild monster in your psyche and if it is so powerful.

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