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Causes of Hair Loss in Teenagers — Why You’re Losing Hair?

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Hair loss is a very common thing nowadays affecting all ranges of ages. It is most common among the adults and elderly.  Teenagers are not usually affected by this because of the young age and strong body. But some teenagers are facing the problem of hair loss and when that happens it means that something is going wrong and you need to check your life routine and activities. Hair loss in teenagers itself is very stressing considering the modern age fitness and glamour criteria. There are a lot of reasons for hair loss related mostly to one’s daily routine habits, making or doing things in the wrong way. Also, there are different types of hair loss including temporary and permanent hair loss. The temporary hair loss is nothing to worry about because as the hair falls the new hair starts growing and takes the old place.

Why Does Hair Loss Happen?

Scientifically, hair loss happens for a lot of reasons including lifestyle, body chemistry, stress, and age. Hair is made of the protein called keratin. The single hair is divided into different parts as route and shaft and the hair bulb that lies at the end of the bulb. The hair’s root is called the follicle. As the hair falls out, in case of the temporary hair loss, the new hair starts growing in the same follicle region. The hair’s color and the pigment is also produced at the same follicle. The loss of 50 to 100 follicles on daily basis is normal and is not considered to be harmful. But hair loss that is more than this rate is considered dangerous in the teen years. In the range of 50 to 100, it is considered to be temporary hair fall that is replaced by the new hairs and it is not noticeable. If you are unaware of the reason that is causing the hair fall, below are some of the reasons that might add up to your knowledge making you able to change accordingly and get rid of this look damaging hair loss.


There are a lot of reasons for the hair loss, especially for the teenagers it happens due to the bad habits and different routine and health damaging problems. But we cannot define the problem to these criteria alone, there are different other factors to this problem. Following are the most basic causes that are mentioned to you.

Lack of Good Nutrition

Minerals and proteins are very important for the body and every part of the body has different protein and minerals requirements. The hairs also have the requirement of different proteins. Having a bad nutrition or food habits leads to hair loss. Considering the modern day food trends and the intrusion of junk food in the food chain has affected very deeply in the lives of people and especially the teens are more prone to the bad eating habits. Taking the proper calculated diet or if that is not possible then at least the use of healthy foods that includes fruits and vegetables can help you with the problem of the hair loss. The eating disorder is the same in this prospect. Considering the teens that are vegetarians also might start to lose the hair because of the shortage of meat proteins. So a balanced diet that comprises of the proteins and minerals would be the best to cure the hair loss problem.

The Styling of Hairs

Coping up with the modern day trends, the hair styling is seemed to be a fashion involving the teens and the adults. The styling of the hair includes the use of different kinds of products and gels that are applied to the hair usually to make them stick or have them colored. This also damages a lot the health of the hair. In case of boys, the hair styling is usually restricted to the gels to make the hairs stick to one style, making the hairs lighter and rough. But the serious effects happen on the girl’s hairs as the girls have different more styling options. As heat treatments, blowers, hair dryers, straighteners, and curling rods. This makes the hair bitter and rough. In addition to this, the hairstyles of tight ponytails and braid tugs on the hair lead to clumping of the hairs that cause the embarrassing hairless patches on the head. Styling is also good but doing it on daily basis is not good.

Hair Loss Infographic

Hormonal Disturbance

Hormones are also a very contributing reason for the hair loss in the teenage. Especially considering the girls. Hormonal changes have different effects on the entire body and the hairs as well. The rate at which the hairs grow and replace the fallen hairs are is also affected by the hormonal changes and with the girls, the hormonal changes take place throughout the lives and it affects greatly. The basic function of the hormones is the follicle’s regulation of hair growth, the changes affect the follicle and in turn, the hairs are affected. The problem can be solved with the consultation of doctors and especially consult the family doctor will help. Or in the case when the hormones are rebalanced, the hair fall is automatically cured.

Stress or Traumatic Experience

Stress is also a major factor nowadays for the hair loss among the teenagers. If you have been going through stressful conditions or having a traumatic experience, the hair growth is interrupted. Causing the delay in the regrowth and more of the hair loss rate. As soon as the stress is gone, the growth finds its normal pattern and the loss is controlled, so being happy also leads to good and healthy hairs.

Health Issues

The health issues related to the term that is being used nowadays as the alopecia areata. That is the happening of round scalp and patches like an oval of bald skin lead to this disease confirmation. Hair fall due to this reason is related to the immune system of the body. As the doctors explain that it happens due to the attacking of the immune system to the follicle area and the reasons for this are not fully understood. This condition of hair loss is considered to be temporary as different medications are available for the cure of this problem. The thyroid problem and lupus are also considered to be major causes specifically for the boys but consultation with the family doctor will lead to control of the hair loss.

Medication Effects

Different types of strong medication also lead to the hair loss in teens and specifically the girls. As the medicines for various reasons are for the specific body parts but they also bring some side effects to the body and hair loss is usually related to the strong medication. As consulting the doctor that prescribed the medication will help as the change of the drugs and medicines can be done.

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Deep Medical Problems

Diseases like diabetes, scalp infections, and skin disorders will make the hair fall at a very drastic rate. The remedies for this is consulting the doctor and eating healthy. The chances of these diseases occurring in the teenagers are very low, but the possibility is there. These diseases can be controlled and normal life can be spent. Only taking care of the certain things will make the hair fall go away.

Hair Pulling

This term is used as the trichotillomania in the medical terms and is termed in the sense of compulsive hair pulling habits in the teens. This is termed as a psychological condition and can be cured with the help of therapists. The teens affected from this are in the habit of pulling the hairs causing the damage to the follicle area and thus the regrowth of the hairs is affected causing patches of baldness on the head and different skin diseases are also caused by this. The therapists can help you with this and control the hair fall.

Extreme Hair Care

Hair Care is a good thing to do but doing it in the right amount helps the hairs, but the excessive care also causes the hair loss. As the hairs have a certain protective layer on them and usage of extreme shampoo and conditioners deprive the hairs of their natural lubrication and it leads to rough and thin hair.

Final Words

All the above-mentioned hair fall reasons are curable. Maintain a healthy diet and proper exercise are the best ways to improve the hair health and overall body. Moreover, usage of hair oils and different oils also help with the problem of hair fall. Consulting doctors and having the medication for hair loss should be at the end but the natural remedies must be applied first.

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