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Blood Pressure: A Common Silent Killer Disease

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Blood Pressure

Blood pressure/Hypertension is a very common cardiovascular disease with potentially serious complications such as heart attack or stroke, which is why it is important to start treatment quickly and to become familiar with it.

Blood pressure is an asymptomatic disease (that is, most of the time without symptoms), so it is often referred to as a “silent killer”. This condition affects a large part of the population, it is estimated that an average of 30% of the world’s population suffers from blood pressure.


For about 90% of patients are suffering from this disease. The cause of blood pressure is not known and the consequence of a poor diet (too much fat and especially salt), obesity, age, use hypertensive drugs, genetic factors, stress, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

High Blood Pressure


In general, high blood pressure is a silent disease that does not present alarming or clearly identifiable symptoms. This is what makes it dangerous and pernicious, it is sometimes called “silent killer”.

Many people do not know they have the disease of blood pressure.

This is why a regular check to measure your blood pressure at the doctor or pharmacist is strongly recommended. Add that it is recommended to measure several times its blood pressure for better accuracy. It is also advisable to measure its tension in both arms, e.g. 2 measurements in one arm and 2 in another, and then do the average.

Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle (fast food, stress) promotes hypertension. Complications can be very serious like stroke, heart attack, kidney problems, erectile dysfunction, vision problems, etc.


The complications or risks related to blood pressure can be:

  • Stroke
  • A heart attack (myocardial infarction) Heart failure
  • Dementia-like Alzheimer’s disease
  • Erectile disorders: Kidney problems (kidney failure)
  • Vision problems (retinopathy)

Some Natural Treatments

Garlic proves to be a particularly effective plant to help reduce hypertension, on the other hand, the use of garlic as a complementary treatment should be associated with other measures or drug treatments.

The olive leaf is also sometimes recommended to treat blood pressure, to take in capsule form. However, the scientific effect of this plant is not yet really proven. It is, therefore, necessary, as for garlic, privilege conventional medical treatments.

Hibiscus tea can help treat mild symptoms of blood pressure.

Beetroot, especially in the form of beet juice, has a positive effect on the disease of blood pressure.

Black tea drinking daily a cup of black tea 3 times a day can slightly lower the blood pressure, of the order of 2 to 3 mm Hg.

Final Verdict

Here we can easily conclude that the blood pressure is an illness with potentially serious consequences; to save our health from blood pressure each and every person should adopt an active, healthy lifestyle with the proper intake of all essential nutrients. If anyone is suffering from this deadly disease then an affected person should always ask the doctor or pharmacist for any questions about the treatment or diagnosis.

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