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Alarming Signs of a Heart Attack

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If something is going wrong with your heart, how can you know it? How can you know that you are having a heart attack? All heart problems do not come with clear cautioning signs. There is not always a disturbing chest clutch followed by a fall to the floor like you see on T.V. screens. Many heart symptoms don’t even happen in the chest, and it’s not always predictable to tell what’s going on. So what are the signs of a heart attack?

Heart Attack

A heart attack occurs as the delivery of oxygen-containing blood to heart vessels abruptly becomes congested and the heart can’t obtain oxygen from the blood. If bloodstream is not restored rapidly, the specific piece of heart muscle starts to de. Sometimes, the heart attack can result in the death of the subject.

Signs of Heart Attack

Heart stroke symptomsSome most common symptoms of heart attack are listed below. If you suffer from any of them, see your doctor immediately.

  1. Chest Discomfort

It’s the most common indication of the heart attack. If you have a blocked artery, you may suffer from pain, tightness, or pressure in the chest. Mostly it happens longer than a minute.

Everyone has a different description of this feeling. Some people say it’s like an elephant is sitting on the chest. Other people say it’s like burning.

  1. Pain that Spreads to the Arm

Another classic symptom is pain that travels down the left side of your body. Generally, it begins from the chest and spreads outward. There are some patients who had mainly arm pain that turned out to be heart attacks.

  1. Throat or Jaw Pain

If you suffer from pain or pressure in the center of the chest that is also spreading up into your throat or jaw, it might be a sign of a heart attack. You need immediate medical attention then.

  1. You Feel Exhausted

If you abruptly feel exhausted or tired after doing a task you had no issue doing in the recent past — like a bit of cycling or carrying some home products to your kitchen — make an appointment with your doctor.

  1. Nausea, Indigestion, Heartburn, or Stomach Pain

Some people may vomit when having a heart attack. Women are found to be more likely to complain about this type of signs than men are. No doubt, your stomach may be disturbed for many different reasons that have nothing related to the heart. It can be some food item you just ate, after all. But know that it can also happen in a heart attack. if you have other signs too, then call your doctor.

These are not the only symbols of a heart attack. Yet if you have any of them then it is an alarming situation for your health. There can be:

  • Snoring
  • Sweating
  • A cough that won’t quit
  • Swollen organs
  • Irregular heartbeat

These problems can be solved in the initial stage. So do not show any laziness in the matter of health and have it checked by your doctor unless it is too late.

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