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30 Minutes Workout to Live a Healthier & Happier Life

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You have surely been told of it before – regular exercise(Only 30 Minutes Workout) does wonder for your body and mind alike.

On paper, it sounds like a really fantastic idea to work out on a regular basis. Not only will you look better for you will also feel much better. You will become a completely new person inside out.

30 Minutes Workout ChallangeHowever, life can get in the way – family, job, sleep, social responsibilities, and others. All of a sudden, you no longer have any spare time because you’ve got priorities which are way more important than going to the gym.

If this is your current situation, you might be surprised to know that all you need is a 30 minutes workout to get the best benefits of exercise. While it sounds short, these 30 minutes workout can have a positive effect on your body and mind for the rest of the day.

Read on to know more about the benefits of a 30 minutes workout, and what types of exercises you can perform daily to transform your life for the better.

30 Minutes Workout is More Valuable Than What You Think

Many people mistakenly assume that for them to make the most out of their work out, they have to spend long sweaty hours at the gym. But, this is far from the truth.

Gretchen Reynolds, a New York Times bestselling author, wrote a book entitled The First 20 Minutes where she explains that the most number of health benefits come from the first 20 minutes of any physical activity since this is the time when the brain reacts to trigger the essential health benefits, the benefits which help you in working towards a more energetic and productive day.

To be more specific, here are the top benefits you get to enjoy when you engage in a 30 minutes workout:

  • Increased happiness – It will only take 20 minutes for your brain to produce a significant amount of endorphins which are responsible for the exercise-induced surge of happiness. Aside from endorphins, working out can also trigger neurotransmitters like dopamine, a feel-good chemical that boosts your mood.
  • Increased productivity – When you exercise more, your body will produce more ATP, a chemical that your body uses as a form of energy. Such energy increase can lead to an improved level of energy, productivity, and mental output throughout the day.
  • Improved immunity to stress – In a matter of 20 minutes of exercise, your brain recognizes the increased heart rate as a form of stress. As a way of protecting itself, the brain will release a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF that protects you from both future and current stress.
  • Reduced risks of depression – Latest studies have revealed that exercise can also be used for reducing depression. It is partially because of the BDNF protein that does not only protect your brain from stress but even from different emotional disorders like depression.

You see, all of the above benefits start to tie together. A happier person becomes more productive as someone who is not easily prone to stress is also less likely to feel depressed. Some other advantages which are associated with regular exercise include the following:

  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Reduced risks of diseases
  • Improved sex life
  • Improved body image and weight control
  • Prolonged life

30 Minutes Workout Infographic

30 Minutes Workout – Will It Be Enough?

Now, if you are wondering if 30 minutes is really enough for your workout, there are several factors that can affect its effectiveness:

  • Number of days per week you allot for your exercise

If you exercise for 30 minutes every day, yes, you can consider it as enough. But, if you will only exercise two days a week for the same time of 30 minutes, this will not be enough. The number of days you spend every week for your work out will depend on your own schedule. If your schedule only allows you to work out three days per week, you might want to think about increasing your sessions to as much as 60 minutes.

For those days that it is impossible for you to work out, your focus must be increasing your movement regularly on a daily basis. It can include leaving your desk every now and then, parking a bit further away from the store entrances, or going for a quick stroll in the park.

While these things cannot be considered as full-blown exercises, these can add up to your physical activities, not to mention the health benefits they can offer.

  • Your eating habits

Since you are trying to buff up a bit through exercising, it is only expected that you eat a healthy diet as well. If your meals are pretty healthy and clean, then, a 30 minute workout will be enough for maintaining a good weight and gaining its healthy benefits.

However, there is a tendency to splurge every now and then and eat more than what you should during special events. Thus, if you dined out the previous night and indulged yourself in a sumptuous pasta dish, a glass of red wine, and a pannacotta for dessert, you have to make your exercise the next day longer than just 30 minutes so that you can burn off the extra calories you had during dinner the previous night.

Don’t think of it as a form of punishment, and instead, consider it as a good balancing. If you cannot up the time for your work out, you can just be proactive by working out longer in the morning after your night out, then plan for the added calories in advance so that you know how to handle them the next day.

  • Your specific goals

If you just want to maintain a favorable weight and lead a healthier lifestyle, that 30 minute workout will be more than enough for you. But, if your main goal is to lose those extra pounds, you will have to put even more time than just 30 minutes. Every session must be increased to as much as 60 minutes.

For those who are trying to shed off some pounds, you have to burn those excess calories aside from the usual daily caloric burn you are getting from your body’s normal functions. During the start of your workout, your body first burns through carbs and sugars. Within the span of 30 minutes, your body gears up into the fat burning mode, which means that you have to hang in there for a bit more to get your desired results.

  • Intensity of your exercise

If your exercise is in the form of walking for 30 minutes for every session, this is great for your overall health but don’t expect it to be enough for weight loss or making significant body changes. If you engage in cardio kickboxing, spinning, or other high-intensity forms of cardio, 30 minutes is already enough, although you can choose to up it to 60. Through such more intense exercises, you can quickly increase your heart rate and burn more calories, which means you can stick with shorter sessions. If you are walking on a regular basis for some time, you can opt to mix things up a bit. You can pitch in 15 more minutes for strength training once you finished your walk. You can also go for a job. Changing your exercise regime can change your body, too.

Tricks to Fit 30 Minutes Workout into Your Busy Schedule

Even after you know the benefits of a 30 minutes workout, it will still take a good amount of self-discipline and motivation to come up with a regular workout regime. Here are several tricks to help you get into a good routine:

  • Never over think your workout – Most of the time, people are overwhelmed as they try to plan their workout routines that they end up spending more energy and time planning than exercise. You can avoid it by starting in a simple way and opting for a quick run. Another great option is to let someone else do the thinking on your behalf at a fitness class.
  • Hold yourself accountable – It is very rare for the busy professionals to miss their appointment but as far as exercise is concerned, flaking out is not a biggie. Consider your workout as another important appointment. You can take it to a higher level by getting the help of a personal trainer or making an appointment with your friends.
  • Cut down on your commute – Instead of wasting your precious time traveling to the gym, you can have some workout equipment right inside your home. This way, you will spend more time working out than commuting every day.
  • Place your workout clothes beside your alarm clock before going to bed – When you wake up in the morning with your gym clothes right there before your eyes, begging you to move those muscles, it will be harder to find a good excuse to skip.

No more excuses this time. With a 30 minutes workout, you can change your life completely, and enjoy the benefits in the many years to come.

These few things that I gather by discussing with a few fitness experts. I’m going to gather more pieces of information that we can include in our 30 minutes workout schedule. If you guys already have better suggestions or workout hacks, you can share with us. We’re really searching for the effective way that can keep our body fit.

The thing in most of the cases we do, we read or make our workout plans but forget to do that or something makes us busy.

It’s 30 minutes only, thrice a week. So we can give 90 minutes a week for our healthy being. We all want to be healthy but not interested in doing the exercises.  That’s the thing keeps us away from the happiest life. I’m also one of them. But tries to do a little bit for me.

Another thing that we should keep in mind that we shouldn’t do over exercise too. Our body needs protein after the exercises. So that it can restore the energy before the next exercise. In most of the cases, I’ve seen that fitness experts are suggesting whey proteins and some other bodybuilding proteins too. You can try them which one fits you. But try to eat fresh foods daily. It helps your body a lot to produce the pure proteins.

It’s time to start. Let’s schedule it today. It can be your Day 1 or One day. I can really tell you something that one day never comes and we never follow the hacks. So let’s make your Day-1. Eagerly waiting to hear your story too. Let me know in comment section. I’ll be happy to add your ideas or fitness tips in my article too.

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